My dog died this past Friday. More specifically, I had to put him down. He was almost 16 and I had him for a little over 12 years. He was my first dog and we were best friends. I will never forget that one second before the juice went in, when I could have yelled STOP but missed the chance and the juice went in and he was gone. There one second and gone the next. The last thing he saw was me (he was pretty sedated though). He flinched–his last moment before he jumped off. I hope it’s because he saw one of my dead relatives who I requested be there for him. I’d like to imagine my Jew-y greats and great-greats (who I never met) being there and being all schmaltzy and Buddy being all, “What the fuck?” but then feeling the love. I hope he is able to chase squirrels and get the balls and not get freaked out at night like the past few years.

I bring this up because I needed a distraction this weekend. Boyfriend Ken suggested a small road trip and we ended up at the fabulous Schramm’s Mead in Ferndale. The space is beautiful–airy, light, has a patio. Our service was excellent–prompt, friendly, knowledgeable. We had a snack–brie and fig on bread and the salmon pate and enjoyed both. And the meads….

The Statement ~ This mead indeed makes a statement without saying a word! Made with Michigan cherries, it was my personal favorite.

Blackberry ~ I find blackberry a tricky flavor…whenever I’ve even them raw I don’t get much taste. I’ve had a few blackberry beers and the flavors have varied greatly. Whatever they did with this mead totally worked though because the blackberry flavor came through along with a tart finish.

Raspberry ~ Again, Michigan fruit was used in this mead. A little young but still delicious (I read on the website that it ages well and this I believe).

Apple~ Not a cider, not an apple wine–it was an apple mead! Very light sparkle to it made for a delicious, dry mead.

I am looking forward to going back when it isn’t the day after I lost my best friend. Godspeed, Buddy. I will see you when we meet again…don’t pee all over the Rainbow Bridge too much. I love you, kiddo.

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