I broke my foot last week. It hurts. I am in pain. Now is where you rub your fingers together and the title of this blog post (hopefully) makes some sense.

I do not like injuries and I am a baby about things like this. I fell on my way out of one of the schools that I go to and tumbled onto my left foot. My fifth metatarsal (or something) broke and here we are, 10 days later in a cast and hobbling about. Add to the fact that school started and I am already crazy busy (busier since I missed time with the foot. Did I mention that I BROKE MY FOOT?!?!), I have not had much time to drink anything other than water and coffee.

I did, however, sneak in a taste of Arbor Brewing Company’s Violin Monster ale. The title may seem obscure unless you are from here. See, we have a real Monster who plays violin on our streets of Ann Arbor! How cool is that?! I give the guy a ton of credit for making a name for himself. I am horrible at any sort of branding or selling myself which is probably why my query letters go unanswered. I should learn from this brilliant guy.

Brewing an autumn beer named for this guy was similarly brilliant! It is a dark ale with yumtastic fall spices + a hefe wheat strain for some cloviness. (Is that a word? It should be). It’s over 9% a.b.v. so watch your ass with this one but do be sure to drink some. It is really a perfect beer for fall–malty, spicy, plus some cloviness (told you it should be a word!)

And it even made me forget my foot for a moment. Did I mention that I broke my foot? I did.

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