In a way, old newspapers are like Facebook is today! Here are some tidbits from the Argus:

  • Prof. Axtell of the Salem School did not enjoy his vacation
  • Manchester’s night watchman, John Moran, got a new uniform from local businessmen
  • Six of Stephan Crane’s children had typhoid
  • If you want to pickle and preserve pickles, contact the paper because a facility in South Lyon might be opening
  • H.M. Rouse was in Ann Arbor last week
  • Mrs. Abbott is going to Canada on Friday…she might stay until spring but isn’t sure yet
  • B.F. Arms of Ypsilanti is visiting friends in Dexter
  • Pat McGinnis went to Hillsdale for a convention
  • Will Finnegan is the happy father of a 12 lb boy (no mention of poor Mrs. Finnegan!)

Sound familiar? My last few Facebook statuses have talked about going to various places to drink beer and to visit friends. Friends of mine have gone off on vacation or to conventions for work. And Lord knows I have friends who pickle and can!

If you were looking for goods and services, look no further than:

  • Lew Clement sells musical instruments and sheet music at 38 S. Main (having just moved from 25 S. 4th Street)
  • Schuh & Muehlig can hook you up (ha ha ha!) with steam hitting and plumbing if you see them at 31 S. Main and 1 1/2 E. Washington (does anyone know what’s up with this? Did folks have two close by locations back in the day?)
  • Duffy’s got your home goods needs covered at the corner of Huron and Main, across from the post office
  • M. Staebler’s got you some coal and coke
  • Coffee and tea is available at 3 S. Main courtesy of Wagner
  • Russell just opened a new confectionary at 5 E. Huron Street
  • And my personal favorite…Emil Baur at “West Huron Street” makes homemade wine for invalids

Kind of like Linked In back in the day, eh?

Perhaps not surprisingly, “work at home” scams were around back then, too. Two different outfits from the state of Maine told of riches and profit for folks who were willing to work hard! Either gender! Will bring you more money than anything else in the world! Young or old! No special skills needed! I have to wonder what on earth this work was….!

Thanks to the Ann Arbor District Library’s Old News page for this information!

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