Before I forget, I am writing another blog! Yes! Eventually, everything will streamline to but for now you can catch up on the latest happenings in Ann Arbor–circa 1888–at  But onto beer….

I read recently that the Creation Museum down in Kentucky is having financial problems and is going to try to spruce up its exhibit. (And yes, the Creation Museum is exactly what you think it is). They are adding sky bridges, zip lines and, well, dragons. While I do doubt that Moses road himself around on a dragon, I am glad that I read the article because it made me head to my refrigerator and unearth a bottle of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk.

This bourbon barrel aged stout is has a nose that combines the finest vanilla with the choicest of bourbons. When it’s in your mouth, it’s like a river of velvet coating your tongue. The roasty malty has just a hint of chocolate and then it’s pure, sweet vanilla as it finishes cleanly and smoothly. I had it with some brie cheese and raspberries and it made for a perfect “creation” of my own. And Moses didn’t even have to hop on a zip line!


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