Ah, Detroit! Some say it is on the brink of a huge renaissance. Others say to put a fork in it. Wherever you stand on the issue, one thing is for certain: the city has excellent choices for beer.

The Pub ~

Detroit Beer Company is located near Comerica Park and Ford Field which makes it an excellent place to visit before heading over to watch the Tigers play or the Lions lose. Located in the historic Hartz building, the pub is two floors and quite spacious, but still manages to feel cozy. There is a sizeable bar flanked with TVs (for those who don’t have tickets to the game) and many booths lining the wall. Upstairs has another bar and more tables which were completely packed with boisterous Tigers fan on a recent visit. Despite the crowd, the service was excellent and our waiter attentive and friendly. The beers were likewise very enjoyable.

The Beers ~

7 Cs Rye PA: This is a hoppy beer that doesn’t let the hop character overwhelm the rye flavor. Copper color, citrus nose and smooth finish…definitely rates up there with the finest rye pale ales.

Hop Rod Red: Pleasant coppery red appearance and toasty notes highlighted this beer. The malty flavor was well balanced with hops. Extremely easy drinking with a bite of hops in the finish.

Cinq Etoiles: Amazing example of a tripel! The nose was a bit spicy and the beer sweet and easy drinking. The body was extremely light for a tripel and went down smooth and easy.

Belgian Dubbel: As with the tripel, the dubbel really stood out. The aroma was sweet and fruity and the body sweet (less sweet than than the tripel) but again very light for its style. As such, it went down well and complimented the other beers in the sampler.

The Food ~

The Detroit Beer Company has a full menu of appetizers, soups/salads, main dishes and desserts. The brewery pretzel was good and the accompanying cheese dip made it excellent. Likewise, the brewer’s bread (their pizza dough topped with garlic butter, basil, red pepper flakes and cheese) made a great appetizer and complimented the beers very well. It was savory but not too greasy and extremely filling. The Detroit burger was juicy and tasty (didn’t need any toppings!). Likewise, the Motown philly (Detroit’s take on the classic) tasted fabulous…who needs Philadelphia anyway?

Overall ~

If you find yourself in Detroit before a ball game, Detroit Beer Company is the perfect place to gear up for the Tigers or wind down after the Lions disappoint you once again. And heck, you don’t need a ball game for an excuse to head down to the D…just grab your taste for good beer and visit the DBC!

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