Lots and lots of water, folks, cuz it’s been freaking HOT. I did, however, manage to consume some beer last night. After seeing a movie at the always amazing Cinetopia film festival, we wandered down to the Blue Tractor. Let me say that the beef brisket sandwich is excellent! It really didn’t need any of the sauces but I like their mustard BBQ sauce so I slopped some of that on it.

I also wanted a beer! They had an orange zest seasonal which was amazing but of course it was a wheat beer which I cannot drink (I liked my taste of it so much that I was almost willing to risk a migraine for it…almost….). Instead, I impulse ordered the Demonic Ale but I kept calling it Denomic Ale because sometimes I have trouble with certain words (medicinal is often “mecidinal” to me). I didn’t get a sample or ask what kind of beer it was, I just went for it and I’m really glad I did.

From some Internet research, I found out that it is an American Style Black Ale. I don’t know that I’ve ever had one of those but this was a nice introduction. Dark dark brown in color, spicy nose and small head on the beer. The initial sip had sort of a fruitcake taste to it that I normally find in Christmas beers; it worked in the summer though! It had a nice spicy finish and a good amount of hops (not too hoppy, in other words). Further research found some folks saying it is a black IPA…if it was, it wasn’t very hoppy which is great for me because I am not a hophead.

Whatever the case may be, “hop” on over to the Tractor and get yourself some!

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