If I hear one more person say, “Biercamp doesn’t sell beer?! LOL”, I will lose my mind. A two second query of the Google tells the interested person that this wonderful place specialized in artisan meats. But fine, yeah, whatever “bier” is the name so ha ha where’s the beer? (Oh can’t you imagine the ghost of Clara Peller asking that question? In Heaven, where beer [and beef] have no calories.)

Well folks, the beer is finally here! Biercamp started selling growlers a couple of weeks ago and you know that Boyfriend Ken and I were there on that first Saturday. We had our choice of a Vienna IPA or a Smoked Porter and of course we chose both. Brewed by Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, these beers have something for everyone. The IPA is definitely hoppy but did not overwhelm the balance of the beer. The Smoked Porter had a nice hit of smoky taste before mellowing into a gentle porter.

There are two sizes for your take out beer–32 oz or the standard 64 oz. Quite honestly, I wish more places would do this! (Fun fact—in Florida, they can only offer 128 oz or 32 oz growlers because apparently you can’t buy two 32 oz ones to make your own standard size. Oy.)

Selections will be rotating frequently so hurry and try the two that are available now. And the next time someone asks you why Biercamp doesn’t have any beer…well, send them directly to me!

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