The past weekend took me to two somewhat nearby brewpubs: Liberty Street in Plymouth and Fort Street in Lincoln Park. Both were excellent beerventures, serving up tasting beverages and nice atmospheres.

At Liberty Street, I had my tried & true Steamy Windows, a California Common style beer. (I briefly considered trying the new dopplebock but I knew it would be too much for me early in the day.) I generally like this style of beer, which is an ale that is brewed with a lager yeast. There is an interesting (to me, anyway) story behind how this type of beer came to be. The Steamy Windows is like a pale ale but with a crisp taste (I always feel weird writing that…you kind of have to taste it to know what I mean). I picked up some hints of fruit and a low hop profile. Extremely easy drinking at 4.7%.

While at Fort Street, I enjoyed their Keppen Farm Stout. I meant to order the Imperial Stout (as that is one of my favorite types of beer) but for some reason, “the milk stout” came out of my mouth instead. Happily, I enjoyed this beer. It began with some chocolate notes and then mellows into a nice sweet, well balanced brew. Light head, attractive brown color, light-medium carbonation. Glad I made a mistake in ordering!


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