Every warm day reminds me that summer is coming; the signs are everywhere. Leaves on the trees, daffodils on the lawn and Arbor Brewing Company’s Strawberry Blonde in my glass. This past Tuesday marked an annual rite of spring for me:  the yearly release of the most summery of beers.


Some fruit beers forget what they are and leave you feeling like you are drinking an alcoholic Red Pop. Fortunately, the Strawberry Blonde is one of the ones that does an excellent job of balancing fruit and fermented grains. The nose gently entices you with the strawberry aroma. The end is a slight hint of citrus. The middle is malty goodness with strawberry and perhaps a hint of spice.


This tasty, well-balanced beer is over 7% a.b.v. so go easy, but if you want to experience some summer in a glass, be sure to go to Arbor or the Corner and order this one up.



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