Ken & I found ourselves with a free Saturday and also found out that the DIA had free Ann Arbor people day (they weren’t like giving us away…we got to go for free). It wasn’t a tough choice to decide to trek out to the DIA to see us some art. We spent a lot of time in the American art section and particularly enjoyed the modern art (Ken had a great query: what separates modern art from contemporary art? I don’t know but one of them involves me staring at three red blocks stacked on top of a yellow circle and going, “Come ON!”) section.

After we were done we moseyed up to Royal Oak. Naturally, my spidey sense started to tingle at the all of the brewpubs; but first, Boyfriend Ken wanted to check out the Salvation Army thrift shop as he needs some new shirts. He didn’t find any but I found some new pants (and WTF…I had size X jeans on and they are huge on me but the only pants that fit me were also size X so am I size X or size X minus 2? Fuck you women’s clothes makers) and a couple of shirts. I was having a “Fat Day” anyway so I decided to change clothes and see if that helped. It turned out that the Royal Oak Brewery was right across the street from the shop and so I suggested we go there and get a beer and I could change clothes.

It turned out that changing into new/old clothes was just the thing and I felt better. When I got back to the table, Boyfriend Ken had ordered a sampler for us. Bless his heart, he had memorized the order they were in and recited them back to me (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I could tell by how they looked…he did such a nice job and it was so sweet). Anyway, I have to say that I really liked every single beer on the sampler. That is rare, by the way, as one usually blows. Here is what we had:

Saison (seasonal): This was an excellent saison…light and fruity with some hints of spices. I could definitely see drinking this as I worked on the farm.

4th Street Wheat: Okay recently I figured out that wheat beer triggers migraines so I could only have but a sip…but what a sip it was! Not too heavy on the banana, not too clovey…if you can only drink a sip of a beer, this was a good one.

Brewhouse ESB: I’ve been weary of ESBs in the past as some just taste like “beer” to me. This one was packed with flavor, oh yes! Sweet but not cloying with a hit of hops…yum!

Northern Light: This was the gateway beer and the beer that my dad would have drank without too much of a fuss. It wasn’t bad by any means but definitely mild in taste and aroma.

Pride IPA: Since Boyfriend Ken doesn’t like American hops, this was all mine 🙂 The beer packed in the citrusy hops but was still well balanced.

Royal Oak Red: Oh yummy malty goodness!

Cream Stout: This was Ken’s favorite and so I only got a little taste of it. Creamy, milky awesomeness.

Russian Imperial Stout: I keep forgetting how much I love this style of beer! This was my favorite beer of the bunch. Hugely flavorful and full of roasty, chocolately malt with a hit of hoppy bitterness. This was the beer that might have pushed me slightly over the edge and made me talk about how Ken should have a Daft Punk party where he puts out helmets and plants flowers in them. It was a very good idea at the time.

I’m really happy to have re-discovered this brewpub. (I went there once with Ex-Husband Jeff but can’t remember much about it). It helped banish my Fat Day away and gave me some delicious beers to drink!


  1. My wife would love that…I just cannot come around to enjoying beer, so it would be difficult for me. 🙂

  2. teacherpatti says:

    It took me years to like beer, thanks to the shitty American macros that proliferate the market. Thank goodness I found craft stuff 🙂

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