The fact that I have a St. Patrick’s Day birthday has always been cool. As a baby, my parents dressed me in green dresses and ribbons. In elementary school, it meant that my mom brought cupcakes with green frosting to my classroom (except for that poor girl who was allergic to chocolate…she had to have a Twinkie). That birthdate was always fun but it really hit its stride in college. I managed to never drink a green beer but I usually managed to have a pretty good time.

                To paraphrase Bob Seger, now that “sweet 16 has turned”, well, 41, things aren’t quite as wild as they used to be. Nevertheless, I still get out and enjoy myself around town. This year, I created a “birthday shenanigan weekend” event on Facebook and was quite surprised by its success. My friends and I went to a variety of bars, culminating at the Corner Brewery on the afternoon of March 17.

                I had my choice of beer (heck, everyone else was buyin’!) and I chose the Michael Faricy’s Irish Stout. Named for a dearly departed friend of the Greffs, this stout is a rich but not too thick. It has a slightly burnt flavor but is not overly dry. It is well balanced and creamy from start to finish. I limited myself to two and enjoyed every last drop. Good beer and good friends is the best birthday present you can ask for.

                Now! What to do for next year….

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