People have told me that I have a difficult job*. I don’t really think so inasmuch that I am not slaving away in a coal mine, chained to a machine or trapped in an office all day. Further, I don’t have anything to complain about compared to some of the kids on my caseload. There are kids who have chronic illnesses, kids who are blind and kids with cancer. And there are organizations that do a heckuva lot more than I do; to wit, Camp Casey, a Royal Oak based nonprofit that offers free horseback rides and other “horsey” fun to kids with cancer. Kids just naturally love horses and I honestly can’t imagine anything more delightful than opening your door and finding a horse there! Seriously, how awesome is that??

You are likely now wondering how on earth you can help such a cool organization. I have great news for you–you can help it by drinking beer. Yeah I said it! I’ll say it again: you can help Camp Casey by attending the 4th Annual Winter Beer Fest by Westborn Market. This yearly event will be held this at the Royal Oak Music Theater on Saturday, January 26 from 8pm until midnight. Tickets are just $40 in advance ($45 at the door) and get you 25 beer tasting tickets. There will also be a dozen or so local vendors offering beer-inspired food snacks and samples. For more information, or to get your tickets, call or visit Westborn Market or the Royal Oak Music Theater.

Westborn Market is thrilled to present this year’s Fest, enthuses Marketing Director Bryan Bandyk.  “Growth of the craft beer category is staggering in our retail stores, and sponsoring Beer Fest is a great opportunity to support that growth and our craft beer vendors,” says Bandyk, who notes that Westborn offers a “Mix Pak – Craft Your Own Six” special of select craft beers at their retail locations for $9.99.  “There is a terrific local element at Beer Fest – from the beers and food products featured, to the venue itself being right in our Berkley location’s backyard,” he adds.

Come on now, it doesn’t get much better than this! Drink good beer, eat good food and help Camp Casey help some awesome kids! Don’t be a neigh**-sayer–come on out for the Winter Beer Fest!

*I am a special education teacher

**Yes, I did!

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