When I was teaching in former district, I had five students in one particular sixth grade class. The teacher was nice but had a chronic illness that necessitated frequent absences. I would “push in” to the class almost every day and eventually ended up teaching some lessons to the students. My favorite subject was math but a close second was language arts. I happened to be in the room during lessons on homophones/homographs/homonyms and I had a great time making up silly sentences with some of the words: I bow to your nice bow, It’s not fine that you want to fine me and (my personal favorite) Some produce produces stinky butt.

Luckily, our own local Produce Station does not produce “stinky butt” but does produce awesome food & drink. And lately, they’ve been producing an awesome beer selection! I am very excited to announce that the Produce Station is taking pre-orders for bottles of beer from both Right Brain & Greenbush. Yes, you read that right: both Right Brain and Greenbush are bottling! And you can order them and pick them up right here in Ann Arbor.

Beers available from Greenbush include Anger (black IPA), Closure (American Pale Ale), Dunegras (IPA) and Brother Benjamin (Imperial IPA). Right Brain choices include Northern Hawk Owl (amber ale), Naughty Girl Stout (mint stout), Second Coming IPA and Brewery Debauchery Wheat Wine. For a complete list of available beers, please see here and here. And while you’re at it, check out all of the other cool stuff at The Produce Station’s website.

General Manager Andrew Gorsuch tells me that the six packs will be available in February but you can order NOW! Just send him an email at producestation (at) producestation (dot) com.

Can you imagine?? Right Brain and Greenbush in bottles to help you get through the long, brutal month of February! You won’t want to tear your hair out or shed a tear over the crappy weather–you’ll have beer! Just watch the number of beers you drink; I don’t want your brain to get any number than it has to!



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