Time really does fly sometimes! I hate when people are all, “Life is short!LOL!” and “Time sure flies when you’re having fun! LOL!” (maybe I just object to LOL) because generally, I find that life is pretty long. Maybe not long in the sense of trees and turtles, but certainly longer than insects, flowers, cats, etc. But I have to confess that I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I blogged about things I am drinking! I am simply appalled. So, to try to catch up, here we go!

Midnight Madness ~ this is an awesome annual event that takes place within walking distance of my home. Santa is out and about as are choirs and jugglers and shit. The downtown stores stay open later than usual and there is a huge outdoor market at the Kerrytown farmers’ market space. They have this mulled wine called Gluhwein (the “u” has those Motley Crue dots on top but I don’t know how to make those) that I tried for the first time. Bonus points because I also bought this cute little blue boot cup! I’m not a huge fan of wine but this was pretty good…I think I liked the mulling spices better than the actual wine. Love it or not, it was perfect for a chilly night.

Prohibition Class ~ My friend Tammy has monthly cocktail classes that Ken and I often attend. Once she mentioned getting a prize if you dressed up, well, I knew I had to go to this! Folks tend to think of flappers and fun dresses and high rollers when they think of Prohibition–and there is nothing wrong with that perception–but the reality is that it ended smack dab in the middle (sort of) of the Great Depression. So instead of dancing around in a silk suit while one drank his newly legal Sidecar, one likely was wearing an old suit that had been mended over and over and shoes that were too tight. To that end, I dressed like this:


That’s my $3 Goodwill dress and my illegitimate kid baby bump. Those are real newspapers on my feet and my dinner is slung over my shoulder. You can see my other illegitimate kid in my other arm. I tore up a T-shirt to make the rags in my hair and I dug underneath my porch (built pre-Prohibition but still) to get some real old dirt that I rubbed on my face. I’m happy to say that I won the gift card even though there were some other cute costumes.

My favorite drink of the evening was something called a Barbari Coast. Tammy made it for us after the event and I totally didn’t think I would like it because peep this–it has scotch, gin and creme de cocoa. That just sounds odd. But then you put cream in it and holy cow…much better than egg nog!

Failed Rankin Bass Night ~ A new event cropped up at the Farmers’ Market: an outdoor greens and gift market plus caroling. Oh yes! I had scheduled a girls’ night of watching Rankin Bass shows but suggested that we meet at the market first and then head down the hill to my house. Then another friend mentioned that Babo market was having a complimentary beer & wine tasting. We’ll do that, we decided, just stay a minute, have a beer taste or two, eat some cheese and then go watch the Heatmeister and Winter Warlock. Oh sure. We started with some absolutely delicious hot sangria wine at the market and also got to sing some carols! Then we meandered to Babo and that is sort of when things fell apart. The beer and wine pours were more than generous and there was all sorts of food out and before we knew it, we had abandoned that the thought of abandoning this amazing event and watching Rudolph. I really wish I could tell you the awesome beer that I tried, but it all sort of blurs together.

You note that most of the drinking has involved wine and cocktails. WHERE’S THE BEER?????? Hold on…the best is yet to come….



  1. Ish just got real! Costume made me laugh 🙂

    1. teacherpatti says:

      Thanks! I was kind of proud of it myself 🙂

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