Even before I changed fields and become a teacher…even before I decided to follow my religion…even before all of that, September felt more like a “new year” to me than did January. Something about the crispness in the air and the sounds of football on TV signaled “new” to me. When I was a kid, September meant new classes, new clothes, new activities, new fall TV shows. Now as a grown person, it still means new activities and new classes but it also means NEW BEERS!

Even though it was ass-hot out there today, I had my first “fall” beer with our pizza dinner: Mt. Pleasant’s Oktoberfest. This was your basic lager beer–very mild hops, amber in color, crisp taste. It wasn’t bad, but it was very basic and would probably be a good “gateway” Oktoberfest beer for your macro brew friends.

Next up: JAW JACKER!!


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