I give them credit for the name. Me, I’d be terrified to name anything “Wurst” because then if it sucked, you’d all be all, “It really is the W(o)rst!” or “Patti’s bar sure lives up to its name!” and then I would cry and cry and cry. Fortunately for the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, they most certainly do not suck and do live up to their name in the, er “wurst” way possible.

So before I even talk about the awesome New Holland tap takeover, I must tell you about the food. These folks know their wurst; they have about a dozen different sausages available. Boyfriend Ken tries a different kind of sausage every time we go. So far, he has worked his way through the alligator & crawfish boudin, the spicy rattlesnake chorizo and the red rock smoked andouille and he reports that all have been fabulous. Me, I get the hamburgers because oh my merciful God in Heaven above my man rolls the meat in some sort of umami sauce. Brilliance. And I haven’t even mentioned the sweet potato tots, have I? With the marshmallow cream fluff dipping sauce? Oh yes, this exists. Oh yes, it does.

Now umami burgers and sweet potato marshmallow fluff and alligator sausage would be enough to get us over to Ypsilanti but they also gotta go and have an awesome beer selection. It’s like they woke up, had a big bowl of awesome and said, “What else would Patti Smith like? Oh yeah—craft beer!” And what would I really like? Why, a tap takeover by New Holland, of course.

So by now, I could be punny and tell you how this is the not the “worst” bar, but rather the “best” bar but OH SNAP that would be too cliché. So instead, I will tell you about some of the lovely beers we had that night.

Sour Attitude – this beer was a one-off, according to my friend Jimmy Alcumbrack McDaniel, SE Michigan Beer & Spirits Ambassador for New Holland. This makes me sad because it means that I won’t be able to have it again, but you know what? If the beer goddess asked me if I would rather experience this amazing beer knowing I could never have it again or if I would rather never experience it at all—well, it’s a no brainer. This beer blended Blue Sunday, one year barrel aged Sundog and a house-only brown ale to create a well balanced beer that was fruity and sour.

Pilgrim’s Dole – I have read about this beer but never had it before. It is an 11.4% barleywine, which I never would have guessed had I not read it in black and white. Not too malty and kind of sweet, it went down the hatch quite easily. Conversely, my wine-drinking friend Ruthann said that she could really taste the alcohol in this beer; she had no trouble believing the high alcohol content.

Beer Hive – According to the tasting notes, local bees from someone called Little John make this beer so awesome. You know when I read “Little John”, I thought of this guy:


And thanks to Google images, I will now forever think of this:


I’m guessing, however, that we are speaking of a different Little John. Whoever he is Little John makes some damn fine honey. The ale was a little malty for me but the ginger finish was amazing. Boyfriend Ken found this beer hoppy but I did not. Either way, it went very nicely with my sweet potato tots.

Oak Aged Hatter – My favorite beer of the night was this dry-hopped IPA that was aged in an oak barrel. It was extremely hoppy with a nose of grapefruit and a balanced taste of citrus, oak and malt. I ended my night with a glass of this and what a great way to end a great event!

Jimmy also told me that New Holland would continue to produce small batches whiskeys at a rate of four 8 gallon barrels a year. Their next small batch is due out in August and is called Ichabod’s Flask Spiced Whiskey. Jimmy describes it as “our spiced pumpkin ale, Ichabod, was distilled and aged in new oak to create this intriguing spirit. Spice, coconut, chocolate and mint intertwine in a unique and elusive flavor profile.” That just sounds like fall!

So in conclusion, I must urge you to get out to the Wurst Bar. Because you know, it’s not the “worst” at anything; in fact it’s simply the—OH, SNAP.


  1. You mean The WO-Tang Clan isn’t enough to bring you to Ypsi?

    1. teacherpatti says:

      Of course it is 🙂 But you gotta start dipping your meat in umami sauce. Oh wait.

      1. CLEARLY y’ain’t been talking to A-WO.

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