I am not now, nor have I ever been, a “breakfast” person. My earliest class in college was 11:00a.m. I about died when I was given a schedule in law school (my first “career”, if you will) and the first class was at 8:30. I really didn’t like real life, which came with an 8:00 a.m. starting time. Now as a teacher, I find starting times even earlier than 8:00 and that just makes me sad. No one should have to function before about noon, in my opinion. When I take over the world, not only will everyone have summers off, but nothing important will start before 11:30 or so. It will be a wonderful world, I assure you.

            Given that, I am grateful for the invention of “brunch”. On weekends, you’re lucky if I roll out of bed by 10, let alone think about making breakfast for myself or Boyfriend Ken. “Breakfast time” is just too early for me to contemplate. “Brunch time”, on the other hand, is perfect. It can start before noon, sure, but it can easily roll into 2 or 3 o’clock. One of my favorite things about living in Ann Arbor is the access to many great brunch options. Another one of my favorite things is living not terribly far from the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Imagine then, how delighted I was when I heard that the Corner was having brunch on (most) Sundays in April! It’s like when the peanut butter found its way into the chocolate, only with beer.

            Boyfriend Ken, our friend Andrew and I rolled in about 11 last Sunday, to be greeted by a happy, festive atmosphere. Despite the early hour (yes, 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday is early, friends; don’t let the corporate media tell you otherwise), people were in a great mood. This mood was possibly enhanced by the menu, which was quite extensive. I won’t rehash the entire thing, as you can see it yourself on their Facebook page, but I will tell you about my meal. The beer mimosa was delicious. I was a little hesitant about mixing juice and beer, but the combination was great. I’m not sure what base beer was used, but it worked. Might have had two of those. Since I’m trying to avoid added sugar, I opted for the huevos rancheros, which means “eggs, country-style” in Spanish. Believe it or not, I have never had this dish before and this was a great introduction. The eggs were mixed with salsa. I love Corner salsa, as it has lots of cilantro. (My friend Matt, who was also at brunch, tastes soap when he eats cilantro and that makes me so sad. Cilantro rocks!). There was also feta cheese involved, and some basil. Instead of a using a fork, I instead scooped up the eggs with the flour tortillas, dipped the whole shebang into sour cream and there you go. My side dish was potatoes, which I dotted with butter and enjoyed. Yum!

            But wait! There’s more! Remember what I said about reducing added sugar blah blah blah whatever whatever whatever? Yeah, well, that went out the window when it came time for dessert, which is included in the meal. You get a little shot glass of shortcake with graham crackers and whipped cream plus a choice of fillings. I chose the banana and was thrilled! It was like a little taste of banana cream pie.

            I should mention my friend Rene, who not only owns the place, but also teaches yoga at 8:45a.m. Seriously? People are up that early?! Apparently so and bless her for being up and teaching. I know what it’s like to have to teach at such an ungodly hour of the day (cue world’s smallest violin). She is awesome.

            The Corner will be hosting brunch again on April 29th (they are closed on the 22nd for a staff outing), from 10:00 until 2:00. The price for a drink, main dish, side dish and dessert is $15.99 and well worth it, in my opinion. So sleep late, roll out of bed and roll into the Corner for some early deliciousness! And remember, you can always go home and take a nap!


  1. Diana Dyer says:

    Patti, you are too funny………in the best way 🙂 Please stop by our farm on your way back from Corner someday (after noon, of course!). Let us know – we could even try to meet you at Corner sometime. Get us off the farm!

    1. teacherpatti says:

      I would LOVE to!! Will you be at the evening farmers market this year?

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