Instead of pairing food and beer this week, Boyfriend Ken & I had no choice but to pair beer and cold. (Or, in my case, sinus infection). We found ourselves desperately ill on Sunday evening and no real taste for anything except…beer. So a quick trip to Falsetta’s later and we had ourselves Atwater’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Shamans Porter and North Peak’s Dark Angel Cherry Porter. Boyfriend Ken is more of a fruit beer fan than me and I am more of a bourbon barrel aged fan than he, so it sort of worked itself out. Let’s examine one beer at a time.

Atwaters: It poured a nice dark brown hue, slightly fizzy beige head. The smell was all roasted malts and bourbon—yum! Definite bourbon taste, medium to medium heavy mouthfeel and creamy. Nice balance between bitter hops, coffee, chocolate and lightly smoked wood. I looked it up on the Googlez and found that it weighs in at 6.8% a.b.v. (I also found out that a bottle is around 200 calories; information that I didn’t need or want, but it’s there now).

North Peak’s: Poured a beautiful dark brown with slight head. The smell was roasty malts and it had a medium to medium-light mouth feel. The biggest surprise was how bitter this beer was. The bitter hops overwhelmed the other, more subtle flavors that I think were there. We did not get any cherry taste, except maybe a very light cherry finish. It is 5% a.b.v., so definitely drinkable, but not what we were expecting.

Verdict? I would choose the Atwaters, simply because the idea of being sick and drinking bourbon (well, sort of) appeals to me. Also, I simply liked the beer much, much better. Boyfriend Ken gave positive reviews for the North Peak, but it was not the cherry taste that he was expecting.

While the beer didn’t cure my sinus infection (drat!), it helped! Sort of 😉


  1. Peter Attia says:

    Hey Patti,

    I was wondering if you could write up a post about what beer goes best with pizza and other foods that are commonly eaten while drinking beer 🙂

    I’d happily send you a pizza slicer or craft beer sampler pack as a thank you!


  2. teacherpatti says:

    I’d be happy to! There is a new pizza place near our apartment that I’ve been meaning to try!! Stay tuned 🙂

    1. Peter Attia says:

      Awesome! Can you shoot me an email or let me know what yours is please.


  3. Diana Dyer says:

    I hope you are already better but next time you are drinking beer with a cold or sinus infection, try various beer and garlic combinations and give us your favorite pairings. I’ll write you up on my blog and/or our farm’s Facebook page. In addition, hopefully you’ll have a better chance of curing that pesky infection!

    Diana Dyer
    On Facebook at The Dyer Family Organic Farm/Dick’s ‘Pretty Good!’ Garlic

  4. TeacherPatti says:

    Oh cool!!! I will do that for sure…how fun 🙂 There was a garlic beer brewed somewhere out west but…yeah…no thanks 🙂

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