I don’t have a huge family Thanksgiving every year.  I don’t celebrate Christmas.  My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, which makes having a big party difficult.  So for me, the annual summer Michigan Brewers’ Guild Fest is about as close as a big family party that I go to all year.  I get to see my beer family and lots of friends and enjoy beers from all over our lovely state. 

In honor of this awesome event, and for my own amusement, I tweeked a familiar Christmas song. (When looking at the lyrics of the original though, I don’t know why it is a Christmas song.  On that note, why is that song about the guy meeting his ex-girlfriend in the grocery store played on the Christmas radio channels?)  I offer my sincere and humble apologies to Rodgers, Hammerstein, Julie Andrews and everyone else involved in the Sound of Music. I hope they don’t haunt me for this.

Anyway! Wanna hear it? Here it go:

Founders Red’s Rye and New Holland’s Full Circle

Grizzly’s Sheerwater and  Frankenmuth Dunkel

Arbor’s Crye Baby won’t bring me to tears

These are a few of my favorite beers


Frog Island Cream Ale, Beer Todd’s apple strudel

Bell’s Oberon, Woodward Avenue Brewers

Wild beers that get all their yeast from the air

I love these beers with a love that’s quite rare


OG’s Pepper Smoker and Wolverine Lager

Love all these beers oh so hoppy and malted

Liberty Street’s yummy Liberty One

Drinking these beers is so so very fun 


Jolly Pumpkin

And the Dark Horse

All these beers are rad

I always remember favorite beers

So I never feel so bad


Arcadia Sky High and Black Lotus pale

Blue Tractor brewery’s smoked silly red ale

Raise up your glass, to our state give big cheers

These are a few of my favorite beers


When the keg blows

When the beer’s gone

When the wort is sad

I simply remember my favorite beers

And then I don’t feel so bad!

As an aside, I once wrote a sorority rush song in five minutes and to the tune of the Flintstones. If you give me a token at the beer fest, I might even sing it for you!




  1. Yenta Mary says:

    This is just TOO cute!!! I would absolutely give you a token to hear you sing it … 🙂

  2. Juliew says:

    Bob can play the Flintstones theme song on the bagpipes. If I can ever get the two of you liquored up at the same party–that could be quite the duet! 🙂

    p.s. Love your lyrics!

  3. sarah says:

    Oh, girl, you are SO much more than a notion!

  4. teacherpatti says:

    ha, thanks ladies 🙂
    Julie, let’s plan on that!
    Sarah, thanks for not putting me out on Front Street

  5. Big_Dave_T says:

    Keweenau Brewery Black Widow Ale. ‘Nuf said. Also the rare and delicious Bells Octoberfest.

    1. teacherpatti says:

      Mmmm, Bell’s Octoberfest is awesome! I gotta have that black widow ale….

  6. Tricia says:

    Awesome song! I don’t even like beer (there, I said it! will you still be my friend?) but I was singing along.

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