My school district was on Spring Break this past week, but you know & I know that for me this really means BEER BREAK!! Not a break from beer, silly, but a break in my daily schedule that allows for more beer consumption.

In the last post, you saw that I delineated my workout tips. Before I start blabbing about drinking my weight in beer, I should say that I am now doing the Insanity workout. My friend Rene lent me the DVDs and they don’t lie–it’s insane, alright. At the end of each workout, the trainer (Shaun T) encourages us to eat right and to replenish the calories we just burned with something called the Recovery Drink. I know that he really means beer, so there you go. Thanks for supporting my habit, Shaun T!

Here is the calendar of my beersumption with Insanity workout in italics:

Saturday (4/3): Plyometric Circuit. You jump and do plank shit and people on the DVD collapse. Met some friends at the Packard Pub, which opened recently. I had some Wolverine Beer WITH the brewer, marketing guru & other people from Wolverine Beer. I like this beer. I am not normally a fan of lagers because many lagers all have a “blah” taste to them, but this is a good, honest, crisp beer. And my friend The Beer Wench has a hand in it so you know it’s good!

The only downside to the night was when The Kids started to come in. I don’t mean little children (and people who know me know that I am not a fan of children in a bar) but student-kids. I haven’t felt old in a few weeks, but I felt old. They were playing quarter bounce & had matching Pub Crawl shirts on & I saw a Chi Omega sister wearing her letters (she was drinking water, for any stickler Chi Os reading this) & this all inspired me to tell Jeff, “Let’s hook up & go back to your apartment. I’ll do the Walk of Shame tomorrow.” I kept this up all the way home, until we realized that I had keys to the house & my name was on the deed so the charade was over. Sigh.

Sunday (4/4): Power & Resistance Circuit Training. One of the minions on the DVD admits to feeling like shit. She does this crap for a living; how do you think I felt? Jeff & I went to the Corner for a beer. I had an Ypsi Gypsy & it was delicious!

Tuesday (4/6): Pure Cardio Circuit. The people on the tape could not finish the last exercise (plank jacks)…I did squats instead. There are a few things that mark the beginning of spring for me–my magnolia tree starts blooming, my dog sheds his winter coat & Arbor/Corner releases its Bavarian Bliss! Coming in at about 5.5% ABV, it is rather easy drinking. The nose is spicy & citrusy. The body is smooth, not too heavy and it finishes dry and spicy. Get it while it’s here!

Wednesday (4/7): Day off from Insanity! Arbor Brewing Company honored the repeal of Prohibition by brewing a special beer called Ladylegger and offering it for sale for 25 cents. That’s right…your eyes do not deceive…25 mf’in cents!!!!! There was a limit of four because otherwise, I’d still be sitting there drinking. It was a delicious pale ale with a hit of apricot. I was surprised that I liked the apricot taste as much as I did…it was refreshing & delicious. I took a picture of my receipt which showed the 11 beers consumed by Jeff, our friend David and me but I don’t know how to get the pictures from my phone so you have to imagine the most lovely sight: 11 beers @ $2.75. God smiles.

Thursday (4/8): Plyometrics again. Ugh. The long-awaited IPA tasting at Arbor Brewing! I will blog about this under separate cover, but I will say that the discoveries of the night were the Hop Stooopid & Bill’s I.P.A. Lot from Arbor. They also have the best buffet ever at these things, so many meatballs and perogies were consumed.

Friday (4/9): Pure Cardio again. Suck. Our Ann Arbor Brewers’ Guild had its monthly meeting at the Original Gravity. I fully intended to not drink much and of course I fully drank too much. Oops. That is some good beer, let me tell you. I got to meet Janice, who introduced herself as someone who reads my blog so right there we are friends 🙂 Always cool to meet someone who actually reads this thing 🙂 I also decided that should I wake up Saturday back in the past, I would be a madam. My friends agreed that my girls would be well taken care of & I would do a nice job of this. Thanks! Sadly, I woke up in 2010 this morning so we’ll never know. By the end of the night, I was flying which is what I do when I’ve drank too much…I wave my arms and fly around. Fortunately, Jeff drove us home; I wanted to fly.

Every day from 4/10—?? Need a beer break, for real this time. I will have to ignore Shaun T’s demands to drink a “recovery beverage” and drink water instead….suck.

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